Evaluation and sampling of imported and exported cargo is very important, which according to customs rules and regulations sometimes is in need of evaluation and sampling, because people and the environment are in direct contact with the goods and doing this without the necessary knowledge and the presence of related experts can lead to many incidents and can be dangerous.

Ofogh Chakad Darya Company exclusively and competently by employing experts, trained personnel and required equipment (chemical masks, gloves and anti-acid clothes and chemicals, etc.), assess and samples all kinds of cargos of 9 classes of dangerous goods, each of which have exclusive behavior according to environmental conditions.

in order to provide the welfare of the customers and expedite the customs affairs, this company by accommodating an exclusive space in the assessment line for emergency transferring, providing safe presence of the customs representative and the owner of the goods by controlling the safety and fire department for assessment And sampling of dangerous goods, establishment of fire station and firefighting machine in the closest possible place to the specific place of assessment and sampling of goods, constant presence of materials expert on site to provide consultation, performs the most up-to-date and standard international methods provided by Dangerous Goods Transport Conventions such as stripping, stuffing, assessment and sampling in accordance with the relevant standards.